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TREASURER: Bonnie Hiler


TECHNOLOGY CO-CHAIRs: Alison Foster Davis and Randall Hicks

MCLE CHAIR: Katyadela Calderon




All applicants must be sponsored by an existing member, and must have completed either:

~ at least two hundred adoption matters, which can be any combination of stepparent, adult, international, independent, dependency, and agency adoptions, and terminations of parental rights;


~ at least two hundred assisted reproduction matters, including any combination of  drafting/negotiation of surrogacy contracts; drafting/ negotiation of egg donor contracts; representation of intended parents through a complete surrogacy matter; representation of surrogates or egg donors; and preparation and completion (through entry of judgment) of parentage actions.

If you meet these qualifications, or wish to discuss this further before applying, please submit an inquiry to info@acal.org.


Academy Lawyers may assist you with:



  • Representation in Adoption--independent, agency, international, step parent, adult, relative, co-parent and/or juvenile dependency court.
  • Information about home studies, role of investigatory agency including social workers and adoption service providers, confidentiality, termination of parental rights, and special needs adoption assistance.
  • Cost control including outreach, medical expenses, and legally permissible living expenses.
  • Screening adoption situations for commitment, health and social history, legal problems and the likelihood of success.
  • Trust account administration.
  • Representation in adoption litigation.
  • Guidance in locating appropriate birth parents or adoptive parents.
  • Assistance with birth parent housing, and medical resources.
  • Referrals to competent counselors who are local to their client, be it birth parent or adoptive parent.
  • Thorough explanation of the adoption process including legal procedures, social worker's role and home study, evaluation of independent and agency process, cost control (including medical expenses, birthparent subsistence's, etc.).
  • Creation of an adoption plan, including the delivery and child transfer. Coordination of adoption plan with hospital and doctor.
  • All legal and procedural aspects of adoption, including interstate placement requirements, with assurance that no adoption laws are overlooked or violated.
  • Referrals and resources.

Assisted Reproduction

  • Representation in any or all aspects of the case.
  • Information about adjudication of parental rights and risk assessment.
  • Parentage (paternity/maternity) judgments and/or stepparent adoption.
  • Contract negotiation and drafting.
  • Review of third party reproductive technology contracts--medical facility, program, ovum or sperm donation, and surrogacy contracts.
  • Trust account administration.
  • Guidance in locating appropriate ovum or sperm donors, surrogates, or intended parents.
  • Referrals and resources.

Other Family Formation Alternatives

  • Representation in juvenile court dependency matters.
  • Representation in guardianship proceedings.
  • Representation in embryo donation/embryo adoption matters.
  • Information about procedures, timelines, risk assessment.
  • Risk assessment and general advisement in all areas of family formation law.
  • Referrals and resources.